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I like to think of these recordings as a giant organism in which sounds find their solitude and comfort within the family…find a balance between being revolutionary and being in harmony. I see this music as a microcosm. It can be a metaphor for harmonious living in the world today.

The process of creating this music has helped us on our search for peace within ourselves. Our hope is that this creation can become a means of guiding others to find that same peace within. Sharing what we create becomes a way of collaboratively evolving as a community—teaching, hearing, inspiring each other. There is a delicate balance between independence and cooperative living.



released May 21, 2010

Venus Cruz - Vocals
Greg Tanner Harris - Piano, Vibraphone, Marimba
Erinn Bone - Trumpet
Jonathan Stewart - Saxophone
Gabe Mervine - Trumpet
Matt Fuller - Guitar
James Calvin Thompson - Bass
Mark Emmons - Drums

all compositions by Vibe Quintet
except Northside Hunter by Jeremy Averitt



all rights reserved


Greg Tanner Harris Denver


Greg Harris Vibe Quintet

New World Citizen Band

Sounds find their solitude and comfort within the family, find a balance between being revolutionary and being in harmony. Thinking of music is a microcosm; it can be a metaphor for harmonious living in the world today. Collaborating to evolve as a community—teaching, hearing, and inspiring each other.
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Track Name: Northside Hunter
i never saw the incident
i just went and hid my head
and in wool your eyes they were like faded
that's when i pulled back baby

one day i went hunting near my home
that's when it happened baby
that's when i pulled back

fifteen kisses i set in motion
fifteen collapsed the deck
i sent fifteen vessels into your ocean

to hopefully send me back
just one of your kisses
Track Name: Turn to the Sun
And then there's you and I
In my dreams we are tucked away

I have seen you
Sitting in your golden corner
Chandeliering your thoughts
Way out over the distance

Hands reaching for your fingers
I’m disobeying all your laws
I am nothing but persistent with my thoughts

Thoughts of your name always remain the same
You should know that I’m no crystal thing
Here are my hands over my head

You’re unmovable
And you turn to the sun
I am nothing but persistent with unreason

But I’ll be standing next to you
And I will imagine nothing less
I’ll talk your lingo baby
Always reaching for you, your fingers

You’re in every doubt
In my every luxury
You’re a shout above
And my perfect chemistry

To your face, I’m disobeying your laws
I am nothing but persistent wires crossed
Track Name: Too Few Minutes Divine
Breaking codes and picking locks
playing beat the clock
why are you in such a rush?
when there's really much too much
and too few minutes divine

write a note and spend some time
save your heart and mind
separating apples from pears
and splitting hairs
if someone's up there give me time

i can't break the causal change
but i know it blindly
and when one day my body breaks
art will remind me, art will remind me

hope will remind me
sounds from inside me
it's all around me
someone remind me
someone remind me
to feel
Track Name: Lucky for the Light
Lucky for the lines, the canyon of my palms
That send my eyes to look at this day
That allow my lips to kiss the page
Animated by the smoke of song

I’m grateful for the joys of laughing loud
And the breaking shingles of my roof
The many wishes, the holding of the early hours
The nights I worship you

Lucky that the world shook underneath me
Compelled to push the limit of the blur
Thrilled to see you my lover, but don’t look so angry
Sometimes dinners late when you got music in you

Even now, my feelings quake in some disorder
I’m reminded I should slow and get some sleep
but I’m penciling down the lines and patterns and color
and singing tall tales of you and me

the sound, the dream of this, the sway and ohh
got me walking on water